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Accessing the Device

The SiteMonitor device comes out of the box with a factory-set ip address of In addition the netmask is set to and the SiteMonitor's default gateway is set to In order to communicate with the SiteMonitor device initially, you will need a computer running a SNMP management application which is configured such that it can communicate with the SiteMonitor unit at this IP address. The simplest way to do this is to configure the computer running the SNMP management application to be in the same subnet as the SiteMonitor device. This IP address can be changed by writing to the appropriate SNMP OID and then rebooting the device - at which time you will only be able to access the device using the written IP address.

The SiteMonitor device initially will accept SNMP version 1 packets with any community string and will treat them as having read-write permissions. This will permit you to set the community string to any desired value. Once you have written a valid community to the SNMP read/write community OID, the SiteMonitor device will only accept packets matching a configured community string.

SNMP Version 2 or 3 packets are not currently supported, due to the additonal system requirements needed to support SNMP bulk get and bulk set operations.

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