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Cabling a SyncInjector and SyncPipe Basic or Deluxe

Cabling up a SyncInjector is a bit more complex than a system with just a SyncPipe. There are several cables needed. All of these are standard CAT5 (RJ45) cables unless otherwise indicated:

The first cable goes between the SyncInjector's SyncPipe input and the SyncPipe's RJ45 jack. Note that ONLY SyncPipe Basic's and Syncpipe Deluxe's are able to be used with the SyncInjector - unless a special cable is used which is documented elsewhere in this documentation.

For each radio, the following cables will be needed: A CAT5 cable from the radio's PoE (RJ45) jack to one of the jacks on the SyncInjector labeled "Sync+Power to Radios" and a second CAT5 cable from the corresponding jack on the SyncInjector labeled "To Ethernet Switch/Router" will need to be connected to an ethernet switch or router of your choice. This will connect the ethernet switch to the SyncInjector, where power and sync is added, and then on to the AP.

A canopy power supply is not needed.

Connect the included power supply to the power supply connector and to the wall. This will power on the syncinjector and all attached radios.

Additional SyncInjectors are connected just like the first one, except that the SyncInjector's SyncPipe Input on the additional unit is attached to the daisy chain output on the previous units.