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Cabling a SyncPipe Deluxe (Standalone)

This section is intended for those wanting to use a SyncPipe Deluxe without a SyncInjector. If this does not apply to you, we recommend you look at the SyncInjector instructions.

To use a SyncPipe deluxe, you need a minimum of two cables:

The first cable runs between the included SyncPipe power supply and the RJ45 Jack on the SyncPipe Deluxe. This provides power to the SyncPipe.

The second (and possibly third) cable runs between either of the SyncPipe Parasitic's RJ12 (6P6C) jacks to the AP's timing port. This cable needs to contain at least pins 1, 3, and 6. We recommend you follow the diagram in the Canopy user's guide when making this cable. We also recommend that you leave pins 4 and 5 unconnected as they can cause undesired operation - such as an AP booting up in default mode.

You will need to configure the AP to use sync over the timing port.