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Cabling a SyncPipe Parasitic

The SyncPipe parasitic has three jacks in it's interior - two RJ45's which are used to pass the power and ethernet through the device so it can borrow a bit of power to operate. The third is a RJ12 (6P6C) which is used to provide sync to one or more attached radios.

Cabling a SyncPipe parasitic after it is mounted is relatively easy. There are only three cables needed:

The first cable goes from a standard Canopy Power Supply (or equivalent) to one of the RJ45 Jack in the inside of the SyncPipe Parasitic (it doesn't matter which one).

The second cable goes from the SyncPipe parasitic's second RJ45 Jack to the PoE jack (RJ45) on your canopy radio.

Both of the above cables are standard RJ45 CAT5 cables.

The third and final cable goes from the SyncPipe Parasitic's RJ12 (6P6C) jack to the AP's timing port. This cable needs to contain at least pins 1, 3, and 6. We recommend you follow the diagram in the Canopy user's guide when making this cable. We also recommend that you leave pins 4 and 5 unconnected as they can cause undesired operation - such as an AP booting up in default mode.

You will need to configure the AP to use sync over the timing port.