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Canopy Modules Not Powering on with SyncInjector

If you have one or more canopy radios which will not power on fully when attached to a SyncInjector, please check the following likely causes:

SyncInjector Connected Incorrectly: Check to ensure you plugging the radios into a port labeled "To Radios". Half of the ports on the SyncInjectors are designed to connect the radios to a Ethernet switch (or router), and do not provide power. (See hookup diagram elsewhere on this site).

SyncInjector is Not Receiving Power: The power light on the SyncInjector should be on and stable. If not, check the power supply, or check for a shorted cable on one of the syncinjector ports.

Defective Cabling: If other Canopy modules work correctly on the same SyncInjector, swap the cables at the SyncInjector. If the problem stays with the port (I.E. No module will work in that port), then the problem is likely with the SyncInjector. If the problem stays with the Canopy module, then the problem is likely with the module.

Canopy Module with "blown" Timing Input: There is a known failure mode with certain Canopy Modules which cause the radio to not boot fully in the Presence of Sync over Power. You can test for this failure by unplugging the SyncPipe cable from the SyncInjector and replacing it with a "no sync plug" which is created by jumpering pins 1 and 4 on a RJ45 plug. If the Radio now powers on, then your Canopy Module will need to be repaired -or- you can use a SyncConverter to filter the power and provide sync to this module via the timing port, provided the timing port is still in working condition.

Defective Canopy Module: Check to verify that the Canopy radio will power on using a known good cable and a standard canopy power supply.