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Connecting the Network

To physically connect the SiteMonitor to an ethernet network, simply use a standard CAT5 cable to connect the Ethernet Port to a Ethernet Switch.

Under no circumstances should the SiteMonitor unit be plugged directly into a port with active Power over Ethernet on it. If the SiteMonitor needs to be powered at a location where it is desireable to use the spare CAT5 pairs to provide power, it is possible to split those pairs off and connect them to the PWR1 or PWR2 input. This is documented in the "Special Configuration" section of this documentation.

The Ethernet Port is hardwired for 10BaseT, Half Duplex. The internal electronics are not capable of 100BaseT, and Full Duplex is not needed due to the low bandwidth requirements. As a result, the switchport which the unit is plugged into will either need to be set to automatically negotiate speed and duplex, or will need to be hardwired to 10BaseT half duplex.

In addition, the unit does not have Auto-MDIX capability. For most applications, this does not matter, but if you are attempting to connect the SiteMonitor to a PC or another device which also does not have Auto-MDIX capabilty, a crossover cable may be needed.

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