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GPS Status Screen Either Not Populated or Corrupt

Revision C and later SyncInjectors will populate the GPS Status Screen on Canopy Modules when they are connected to the timing port with a suitable cable. However, this data may be missing or corrupt if there is a problem with the installation. This malformed data does not affect the reliabilty of the GPS synchronization signal - it only affects the human-readable display.

It should be noted that this page specifically deals with situations were the data is missing or corrupted. If instead, the GPS data is showing but the SyncPipe does not appear to have a valid GPS lock, then this section will probably not apply to your problem.

SyncPipe Parasitic or Deluxe with SyncPipe firmware prior to 1.10, AND version 9.0 or later of the Canopy Software: With version 9.0 of the Canopy Software, Motorola, in an effort to resolve the display of corrupted data, added additional checks for correctness of the messages which are sent from the SyncPipe to the Canopy Radio. Earlier versions of the SyncPipe firmware had a bug where one of the messages were malformed, and as a result, Release 9.0 of the Canopy software simply ignores the messages. Release 9.3 will add a checkbox to permit the messages to be accepted, even if corrupt. To resolve this, Upgrade the SyncPipe Firmware, or in release 9.3 or later, turn off the checksum verification. All units shipped on or after November 1, 2008 have 1.10 or later firmware.

P9 Canopy Hardware running Version 8.x of the Canopy Software: There is a known bug where Version 8.x firmware running P9 Hardware will corrupt the GPS status screen. The data will still be present, just incorrect. This does not appear to affect versions prior to 8.x, and does not appear to affect P10 hardware.

Early Version of SyncPipe: All SyncPipes before revision C do not populate the GPS Status Screen. All Parasitic and Deluxe SyncPipes are revision C. Original SyncPipes (now called "SyncPipe Classic") are not revision C. It should also be noted that if a Basic SyncPipe is in use, it also will not populate the GPS status screen.

Not recieving sync via Timing Port: The GPS status screen is only populated when timing is recieved via the Timing Port, and not when recieving sync via the Power Port or when Generating Sync. On Release 8 and later of the Motorola Software, the GPS Status tab will not appear unless sync is being received via the Timing Port.

Missing Pin 3 in Sync Cable: The SyncPipe transmits GPS status using Pin 3 on the 6P6C connector. As only pins 1 and 6 are needed for sync, many cables were made without including pin 3. Verify that all sync cables have pin #3 connected.

Early SyncSplitter in use: Early SyncSplitters connected only pins 1 and 6. With Revision B5 and later, pin 3 was also connected. You can tell if you have a B5 or later if the "tabs" on the 6p6c connectors are facing away from the circuit board. In addition, you will notice on the bottom circuit board that pin 3 is connected with a copper trace.

High RF Environment: Long cable runs in a high RF environment (like on a broadcast tower) have been known to corrupt the GPS Data. This can either be intermittent or continous.

Bad Sync Cables: Verify that all cables are good, and that pins 1, 3, and 6 are connected straight through.

Bad SyncPipe: Although fairly rare in relation to the other causes, a bad syncpipe will (of course) cause this symptom as well.