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Not Receiving Sync via the Power Port

The following are common causes for sync not being received on a Canopy Radio from a SyncInjector:

Incorrectly configured Canopy radio: Insure you have selected "Receive sync from the power port" on the appropriate configuration screen in the module's configuration page.

SyncInjector Not Providing Sync: Ensure that you are receiving sync on the SyncInjector. The Sync light on the SyncInjector should be blinking on and off once a second. The light should be on about the same amount that it is off.

Blown Timing Port on Canopy Radio: There is a known failure mode with certain Canopy Modules which cause the radio to not be able to receive sync via the Power Port. Try the module in a known good power port sync source, or try a different module in the place of the module with a problem. If the module will not receive sync regardless of the source, then your Canopy Module will need to be repaired -or- you can use a SyncConverter to filter the power and provide sync to this module via the timing port, provided the timing port is still in working condition.