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Physical Mounting

All current revision SiteMonitor Products are designed to mount either to the Wall or to a DIN rail. We recommend the DIN rail mounting wherever possible. The plastic clip included with the products is needed for both DIN rail and wall mounting.

The cabling included with the expansion units is based on mounting the Base unit at one end, and then all of the expansion units to one side of the base unit, with the large flat sides touching. If you do not mount in this fashion, the enclosed cabling will likely not reach.

For wall mounting, screw the plastic bracket to a suitable surface, ensuring multiple brackets are spaced far enough apart that the units can mount side by side. Snap the sitemonitor unit onto the bracket. To release a previously mounted unit, grab the top and bottom of the mounted unit and pull while twisting the unit either upward or downward.

For DIN rail mounting, mount the din rail in a suitable fashion, and then snap the plastic bracket onto the rail, and the sitemonitor unit onto the bracket. To release the unit from the rail, reach behind the unit and pull forward on an exposed tab of the DIN rail mounting bracket. This will be easier if you pull on the tab which has a "springy U shape" built into the bracket.

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