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Program Overview

The SiteMonitor Program has a simplifed interface. Once you start the program, you will see the following main items:

Near the top of the window, you will see the normal "File, Edit, Help" menu. This operates in a similar fashion to almost every other Windows Application.

Below the Menu, there are two fields, "IP" and "Community". These need to be set to the IP address, and the Community String for the SiteMonitor you will be managing. The Community String can be set to the Read Only string if you will only be reading values from the SiteMonitor, or the Read/Write string if you will be reading and writing values.

To the right of the IP and Community fields, there is a "Refresh" button. Clicking this button will cause the values for the current tab to be read (or re-read) from the SiteMonitor.

In the middle area of the screen is where most of the work gets done. There are several tabs across the top of this area which allows you to select the specific function you are working with. Each tab (or set of tabs) will be covered in a different section of this documentation.

And finally, below this middle section you will see a "status bar". It is in this area where the OID of the value your mouse pointer is pointing at shows up. This is useful to determine which OID you are working with, or if you wish to retrieve the OID value from another SNMP-enabled program.

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