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SiteMonitor Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some questions we get asked regularly about the SiteMonitor products, and for which there really isn't any good spot in the manual to add the answers.

Question: Will SNMP Traps be supported in the future?

Answer: We are aware of the benefits SNMP Traps can have. We have some ideas on how to support these in the product, but the amount of work required to implement SNMP Traps in the current firmware is big enough that we have decided to focus on initially building out other functionality of the units first, such as adding specialize I/O modules which our customers are asking for.

So, perhaps our position can be best stated as follows: We plan on adding SNMP traps as soon as we are able to free the resources to do so. However, we do not currently have a schedule for this work to be completed and customers should not wait for or rely on SNMP traps being available.