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Standby Power Controller

Manual and Firmware Released

We have released a very rough draft of a manual for the standby power controller.   We hope this helps some of our customers get started with the controller.   We continue to work on the documentation set and hope to get it to the stage we are comfortable with it over the coming weeks.

Manual for Standby Power Controller, EARLY ROUGH DRAFT

In addition we have released updated firmware for the Standby Power Controller as well.  It is available on a firmware page set up specifically for the standby power controller.

SNMP Support

SNMP support is fully running in the Standby Power Controller, however the meaning of the OID's are not covered in the manual.  Instead, we have included verbose descriptions in the MIB files below, which are at least semi-human-readable.


For those who are having a hard time with the manual:

As we have worked with some of our early deployments of the Standby Power Controller, we have come to the conclusion that in many cases, the best documentation are examples.  The Standby Power Controller is a very flexible product, but with that flexibility comes a complexity which isn't needed by many of our customers.

Fortunately, providing specific instructions about how to configure the Standby Power Controller for a specific application is relatively easy.  As a result, we have included some examples in the appendixes of the manual itself.

We will also be working on producing  a set of 'recipes' which give specific instructions on how to configure the product in specific unique situations our customers come up with. As a result if you want/need to use the standby power controller in a unique application which doesn't seem to fit any applications in the manual, please email us at with specifics about your application. After we receive this information, we will work with you to come up with a set of plans and instructions which specifically match your application and which can be replicated by other customers.

At a minimum we need specifics about your standby power source, such as how it is started and stopped (or at least a make and a model). Whether this is an on-grid or off-grid application. How you would like the device to determine when to start and stop. And so on. We'll guide you through it if you miss something.