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Timing Products Overview

PacketFlux Timing Products are designed to receive timing signals from the Global Positioning System and provide them to one or more attached Motorola Canopy Radios.

At the heart of the system is the SyncPipe. The SyncPipe is the actual GPS receiver in the system. It also performs some basic signal conditioning as well. Each PacketFlux Sync system will need at least one SyncPipe at each location which you wish to receive synchronization from the GPS constellation. Exactly which syncpipe you need will depend on exactly how you wish to power the SyncPipe, what cables you are willing to run, and how you prefer to provide Sync to your canopy radios (Timing Port or Power Port).

If you wish to provide sync to your Canopy Radios via the timing port, you will need either a SyncPipe Deluxe or a SyncPipe Parasitic. The main differences between the Deluxe and the Parasitic are the number of Sync Ports and how they are powered. The SyncPipe Parasitic is designed to be able to borrow power from a nearby Canopy radio and provide sync to a single radio via the timing port. The SyncPipe deluxe needs its own CAT5 power cable but can directly provide sync to two canopy radios. It should be noted that the sync output on both the Deluxe and the Parasitic can be expanded to provide sync to more than the one or two radios noted above by using either a SyncSplitter or a wiring harness. One chief advantage of providing synchronization via the timing port is that the Canopy radios are able to receive GPS status data along with the synchronization signal which may help you troubleshoot problems related to GPS receiver issues.

If you instead would prefer to provide sync to your Canopy radios via the power port, you will need one or more SyncInjectors in addition to either a SyncPipe Deluxe or SyncPipe Basic. The SyncInjector receives the synchronization signal from a SyncPipe and provides it to up to 4 radios per SyncInjector. In the vast majority of cases, the use of a SyncPipe Deluxe with a SyncInjector will not gain any significant advantage over a SyncPipe Basic. However, if you intend to mount the SyncPipe near a radio, you can also use the timing port on the bottom of the SyncPipe Deluxe to provide sync to nearby radios via the timing port as well. Some of our customers are hooking a single Access Point or Backhaul Master to a SyncPipe Deluxe used in this way in order to be able to view the GPS status remotely.

In additon to the devices mentioned above, there are additional timing products available which are useful in several situations. Because they add on to a basic system, they are covered elsewhere on this site.