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Upgrading SyncPipe Firmware


NOTE: THIS PAGE IS NEW, AND SHOULD BE CONSIDERED "BETA QUALITY". If you find an issue with the documentation on this page, please contact us.

The Firmware in the SyncPipe Parasitic and SyncPipe Deluxe is upgradeable. The current version of the firmware is 1.10. This version fixes an incompatibilty with Release 9 of the Motorola firmware. This incompatibilty does not affect timing in any way - only the display of the data in the GPS Status Screen is affected.

This upgrade is only necessary if you are using Canopy Release 9 software AND are receiving sync via the timing port, AND need or want to see the GPS status on the GPS Status Screen.

The procedure to upgrade the SyncPipe Firmware is as follows:

Step 1: Download the upgrade utility and firmware image.

A .zip file containing the upgrade utility and firmware image for release 1.10 is available here. Once it is downloaded, unzip into a folder.

Step 2: Cabling the SyncPipe.

You will need to connect the SyncPipe to the computer which has the upgrade utility on it. You will need a CAT5 Cable long enough to reach betwen the SyncPipe and either a SyncInjector or the Serial Converter/Power Supply in the upgrade kit. You will also need a PacketFlux Serial Cable (3.5mm to DB9). And finally, if you are upgrading a SyncPipe Parasitic, you will need the cable described .

Additional Note: These instructions above assume you are using either the upgrade kit or a revision C SyncInjector. If you only have a Revision B SyncInjector, please contact us for more information. You will need to use a special cable to be able to complete the upgrade.

Cable the unit to the computer as follows: Connect the serial cable between the computer and the SyncInjector or Serial Converter. Connect the SyncInjector or Serial Converter to the SyncPipe using a CAT5 cable. And finally, if you are upgrading a SyncPipe Parasitic, connect the specialized cable mentioned above between the remaining RJ45 connector on the SyncPipe and the 6p6c connector on the SyncPipe.

Power will need to be applied, but it is not necessary to do so at this time.

Step 3: Load the Loader Program, and connect to the pipe.

Included in the .zip file is an executable called "SyncPipeLoader.exe". Run this executable. A window should open entitled "Programmer". Ensure that the COM port name is set correctly for the serial port you have connected the SyncPipe to.

To connect to the pipe, and have it enter programming mode, complete the steps listed below. Order is important. If for some reason this does not work, we recommend you exit out of the SyncPipeLoader program and try again.

  1. If power has already been applied to the syncpipe, remove it, either by unplugging the power cord, or unplugging the CAT5 cable.
  2. Reapply power
  3. Immediately click on the "Connect" button in the SyncPipeLoader application.

If you have followed these instructions correctly, within a couple of seconds, the SyncPipeLoader application should show "Device connected!" If this does not occur, exit out of the SyncPipeLoader program, check all of your connections, and try again.

Step 4: Write the updated firmware, and verify that it is written correctly.

At this point, the SyncPipeLoader application should still be running and should say "Device Connected". If not, please go back to step 3.

Click on "Browse" in the SyncPipeLoader application, and open the "syncpipepic110.hex" file that was included in the zip file. Once it is loaded, click on "write". The application will then show "Programming Address", and the address will increment as the new program is being written to the SyncPipe.

Once the write is complete, a window will pop up stating "Write complete". To verify that the program was written correctly, click on verify. Note that due to a GUI bug in the SyncPipeLoader allocation, it will appear that clicking on "verify" did not actually perform any action - including the click itself. However, the SyncPipeLoader will start verifying the program, and a few seconds later, you should see a screen which says "no differences found".

If an error is found either during programming, or during the verifcation, we recommend that you exit from the SyncPipeLoader application, and go back to step 3.

Step 5: Power cycling the device and resuming operation.

At this point, the new firmware should be loaded in the SyncPipe. The SyncPipe will need to be power cycled before it can resume operation. If you are using the SyncPipe with a Motorola Canopy radio in timing port mode, you may want to verify that the version number on the GPS Status Screen has been updated to ensure that the upgrade was performed correctly.