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Using a CMM or Canopy Radio as a Sync Source for a SyncInjector

SyncInjectors normally receive sync from a SyncPipe. However, the sync input on the SyncInjector's SyncPipe port is actually compatible with the sync output of a standard CMM or the timing port of a Backhaul Slave, SM or AP set to generate sync. Because of this, you can use a SyncInjector in situations where you do not have a SyncPipe (or do not desire a SyncPipe), but do have another source of the synchronization signal.

To do this, you will need a special cable. The cable should be wired as follows:

6P6C RJ12 8P8C RJ45 Description
1 1 Sync
6 4 Sync Return

We recommend that you use a single pair in a CAT5 cable for this connection. For example, use orange for the sync and orange/white for the sync return.

This cable should be connected from the sync output on the CMM or Canopy Module to the SyncPipe Port on the SyncInjector. It should be noted that the syncinjector sync LED will blink very very briefly, if at all, when sync is being received from a Canopy Module. This is due to the fact that the sync pulse from the Canopy Module outputs a significantly shorter (but still compatible) sync pulse than a SyncPipe or CMM.

This connection is not compatible with a Sync-over-power output such as that found on a CMM Micro. However, the 6p6c connector on the CMM Micro is compatible, since it is a "standard" timing port output.

The remaining connections on the SyncInjector should be connected as normal for the SyncInjector.