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Using a SyncPipe Parasitic with a SyncInjector

The SyncPipe Parasitic is used primarily to provide timing port sync to adjacent Canopy Radios. However, with a short jumper cable (wired as described below), you can use a SyncPipe Parasitic as the Sync Source for a SyncInjector.

This cable will be connected between the 6p6c connector and one of the RJ45 connectors inside the SyncPipe. As a result, this cable should be very short to facilitate replacement of the rubber cap with the cable in place.

The cable should be wired as follows:

  • Connect pin 1 on the RJ45 to pin 1 on the 6p6c.
  • Connect pin 2 on the RJ45 to pin 6 on the 6p6c.
  • Connect pin 3 on the RJ45 to pin 2 on the 6p6c.
  • Connect pin 6 on the RJ45 to pin 3 on the 6p6c.
  • All other pins should be left unconnected.

We typically will use a the green pair and the orange pair from a short piece of CAT5 to make this cable. If you do this, then you can crimp as follows:

RJ45 End, Pins 1 through 8: (N/C means no connection)... White/Orange, Orange, Green/White, N/C, N/C, Green, N/C, N/C. You should note that these colors are in their standard placement for EIA-568B wiring, and the N/C pins are where the Brown and Blue pairs would normally be.

6p6c End, Pins 1 through 6: White/Orange, White/Green, Green, N/C, N/C, Orange.

Once you have made this cable, simply connect the jumper between one of the RJ45 connectors inside the SyncPipe Parasitic and the 6p6c connector. After this connection is made, the remaining RJ45 connector can be used to connect to the SyncPipe port on a SyncInjector.