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Using SNMP with the SiteMonitor Products

The SiteMonitor products are currently controlled (and polled) exclusively via SNMP. There is no web interface. All configuration must be done through the SNMP protocol, which is well suited to this purpose. Besides the obvious cost savings (which allow us to sell the product at it's current price level), limiting our protocol support to SNMP allows much easier monitoring and control through a wide variety of software packages which support SNMP.

For those familiar with SNMP management of devices, interacting with the SiteMonitor devices in this manner should be straightforward, and should only require a brief skimming of the relevant sections of this portion of the manual. We recommend particular attention to those sections which describe the way that the sitemonitor exposes it's interface via SNMP - or put differently, the human-readable equivalent of a MIB.

Users not at all familiar with SNMP may need a more in-depth reading of this documentation and perhaps reading of other introductory materials about SNMP. The concept behind SNMP is rather simple, so it shouldn't be that steep of learning curve (but not as easy as pulling up a web page in the browser).

The remaining sections can be browsed one by one through the interface of this web site.

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