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The Base Tab

The Base tab is where the main Configuration and Staus for Base Unit is displayed and set.

To use this tab, simply click on the Base tab (if it is not already selected), and then click on 'Refresh' at the top of the screen. This will load the current values from the SiteMonitor, and will display them on the screen. If the values are not displayed check your IP address and Community settings, along with connectivity to the SiteMonitor.

To set a value, simply click in that field on the screen, change the value, and then click the 'Set' Button to the right of the field. When you are done changing multiple values, you should click on 'Refresh' to ensure that all the values are set correctly. The exact purpose of each of these fields is documented in the System MIB Objects and the SiteMonitor Configuration Objects OID Definition Pages.

The final button on this tab is the 'Reboot SiteMonitor' button, which will reboot the SiteMonitor. This is neccessary to have some of the fields on this screen take effect - most notably the IP address field.

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