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Using the SiteMonitor Manager

The SiteMonitor Manager (available from our SiteMonitor Downloads page) is a small tool designed to assist with the initial configuration of the SiteMonitor System. Our expectation is that the SiteMonitor Manager will be used to initially configure the system, and will play a role in ongoing maintenance of sitemonitor units, but it is not intended as a replacement for a SNMP-based monitoring tool.

The primary features of the SiteMonitor Manager are as follows:

  • Initial connectivity management through the Base tab
  • Simple Management and "Status Checking" through the Base, Expansion, and various I/O tabs.
  • Management of the AutoPing Feature through the AutoCycle tab
  • Upgrading of the Base and Expansion firmware through the Firmware(Base) and Firmware(Exp) tabs
  • Simplified OID determination (for use in other programs) by hovering over a value and noting the displayed OID value
The operation of the SiteMonitor Manager is documented throughout this section.

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